Rumor Most Bald

He raised his hand to suavely flick his hair (he made a show of the fact that he was one of the very few who still had it. On the head I mean. We have it everywhere else by now but not where you’d like it), and made a gesture towards someone behind me.

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Radio People, Sir

Tragedy came to my house last week Sir. One night I got up to go to the toilet and I saw this woman, with full blue light on her face. I was thinking, shameless wife, watching blue film. But No Sir. There were two people on the screen.

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Two turds in a bowl

There were other things we had in common though, Mysori Bajji with pieces of green chilli secured as if they were hidden treasure within, MS Dhoni’s over reliance on spin, Classic Milds and Blender’s Pride Reserve Collection aged 6-8 months.

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A receipt of joy unfurled itself from the folds of the card machine. We both watched in wonder as if we were seeing it happen for the first time.

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Food for Love

Normally used to hearing the chomp-chomp of only the food in my mouth, I was surprised to hear, minutes later, an after-sound. Was it an echo from my mouth?

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