The monster licked his tiny lips in feverish anticipation. He had experienced euphoria on the cusp of victories before. This though would be different. His defining moment of bloody retribution, victory and honor was at hand.

Glowering through his sharp slit-like eyes, he watched his adversary’s movements. Killer was going to employ his valuable research and the strength of his deadly weapon to the ultimate test tonight.

He envied the sleight of hand his enemy possessed, a quality impossible for the Killer to attain. Perched at the vantage point, he heard the siren sound. The moment of reckoning was nigh.

In a short while, he would draw first blood. The siren would tell of his victory. If it rang on even after the battle, the Killer would have lost. His plan was to silence it for the night.

Gliding through the fence that separated the two sides, he hovered about the northern part of the territory waiting for the siren to fall into a rhythm. Now!!! Killer attacked, penetrating deep…maybe a little too deep. But the moment had gotten to him. His weapon having left an indelible mark on enemy land, he retreated and waited for the recoil.

It came, brutal as on previous occasions. This time though, he dodged the weapons at him with guile and moved to the South for the kill.

Approaching the twin mounds ahead, Killer swooped in and attacked with unearthly rage. His enemy tried to counter-attack but he was already out of there. The battle, at last, had been won.

Back at his camp, he waited long for the siren. It was not to be heard. With a satisfied heart and a bellyful of blood, he sucked gleefully at the blood in the way only a happy mosquito can.

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