Animal Farm #1

This is about an animal farm that I know of. Each of the below is a heartfelt tribute to four of my favorite animals of all time. It’s amazing how we see specimens of these in our daily lives. My friends at office will know who I’m alluding to here. This was written as a Facebook post after a particularly disappointing performance feedback discussion.

Oh, you underrated giraffe!
You are awkward and lanky,
With your spots, your checks and stupid gaze,
Strange to behold and stranger still to talk with.
You do not flaunt your attributes,
And the farm knows you only as
Meek, mild, graceful, slow to speak…
But the farm does not know, silly stupid farm,
That you have a viper entwined in that sleek neck of yours.
Among the treetops, you whisper and you plot,
Great stories of crime, and punishment,
The careers, the lives that you control,
How to twist them, how to turn them around,
How to screw them,
Not unlike your own twisted neck and mind.
The giraffe with the viper in its neck,
Tussi great ho!

My Assistant Manager at work. 

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