Animal Farm #2

This is about an animal farm that I know of. Each of the below is a heartfelt tribute to four of my favorite animals of all time. It’s amazing how we see specimens of these in our daily lives. My friends at office will know who I’m alluding to here. This was written as a Facebook post after a particularly disappointing performance feedback discussion.

Long and flashing, beautiful and soft fur,
Was it not once your ticket to fame?
Alas, now, deprived of the same,
With all that is left, a few strands here and there,
You have only a bald pate to show.
The anger, the disappointment, the hurt,
It shows, it shows!
You, sorry little dog,
Ever since hair has taken leave of you,
Sense has taken leave of your head too.
Scratching your hairless head, walking silently around the farm,
You try to sniff around the lives and careers you control,
A dish on a dinner table, and a dirty parcel in the garbage,
Are they not the same to you?
How then, can you distinguish!
With no hair, and no sense,
You have no way to do justice.
You poor little doggy,
Tussi great ho!

Another Assistant Manager at work.

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