Animal Farm #3

This is about an animal farm that I know of. Each of the below is a heartfelt tribute to four of my favorite animals of all time. It’s amazing how we see specimens of these in our daily lives. My friends at office will know who I’m alluding to here. This was written as a Facebook post after a particularly disappointing performance feedback discussion.

Tiny feet, tiny tiptoes,
A narrow mind, a shallower intelligence quotient,
Tiny stature, but an overrated ego to behold!
Romping around the farm,
With your wiggling snout,
Squealing at everyone, heaving your potbelly around,
Pulling your seat up to look around,
Staring at every female with lust, hate, and distaste,
You little piggy, you who are equal to five little pigs,
Are a sore to the eye, and a pain in the ass!
Never a nice thing you can manage – to say,
Never a proper thing you can manage – to do,
With your itsy bitsy smile,
Pronouncing judgment on the lives you control,
Rolling around in the mud of your own mindless imagination,
You perfect pig,
Tussi great ho!

A Manager at work.

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