Animal Farm #4

This is about an animal farm that I know of. Each of the below is a heartfelt tribute to four of my favorite animals of all time. It’s amazing how we see specimens of these in our daily lives. My friends at office will know who I’m alluding to here. This was written as a Facebook post after a particularly disappointing performance feedback discussion.

With masculine traits of the donkey,
And feminine traits of the horse,
A mule you are.
You dress like papa donkey,
But walk like mama horsey,
Ladylike, slow and graceful,
In the unforgettable manner that only a mule can.
You look like papa donkey,
But talk like mama horsey,
With feminine twists of the hand, and womanly pitches in voice,
Again in the remarkable way that only a mule can.
Lording over the farm,
It is a miracle you are where you are – at the top.
Intellect and reason are alien to you,
Sense and sensibility are unknown concepts to you.
You, born merely tens of years ago,
Have a mixed mind dating back a hundred years,
Much like your mixed gender itself.
With this criminal mind of yours,
You give the final verdict.
How you got to be the lord of the farm, I wonder,
All the hundreds of lives you control,
With your villainous mind, and senseless thought.
You gender confused mule,
Tussi great ho!

The biggest asshole of all, my Senior Manager at work.

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