Minor character

I know of the struggles that plague the film industry. Any industry, irrespective of language. Therefore, it is no surprise that I would find few takers. But then, I’m no fresh talent looking to make a splash.

Various versions of me have pervaded every industry, not just the entertainment industry, for centuries. Although I should admit I haven’t had as much of a presence as I rightfully should.

One particular field I find most challenging is the Telugu Film Industry. I was once celebrated there, put on a pedestal, the glory days. Although I was never strictly the protagonist, the viewers enjoyed frequent glimpses of me that gladdened their souls.

For decades, I had a standing of my own. Much like the hallowed hero, the hapless heroine and the pretentious director. In the past few decades, however, I have been thrown out like an unnecessary extra.

I whisper among the plastic chairs that house the AD’s and the scriptwriters. My cries of loneliness echo the walls of the caravans that house the actors. My wails of isolation are drowned out in the layers of the foundation laid onto the dancers.

“Take me, please, just for a bit”.

“Okka chance, oke okka chance”.

I’m common sense.

Once the backbone of every bound Telugu script, I have now been disgracefully clobbered down. Mercilessly squashed between Balakrishna’s thighs, left gasping for air every time TATA Sumos kiss in mid-air.

I’m a necessary ingredient of a meaningful movie. I’m no main character, no protagonist, but I demand to be┬ámade a part, though small, of every movie. It will make a world of difference, I promise you.

Write Club Hyderabad – The Others Within – 1- 30th September 2017.

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