Guilty pleasures

A ridiculously private and personal picture adorned my Wall this morning. It ticked off all the accepted social norms of photography. High-definition, unnecessary filters and obscene zoom-in. It was off a girl’s Facebook account.

And, it was a photo of her twins. Hot, white and fluffy. Ready to be feasted upon, right in the morning, early in the day.

The pair of idlis she posted on her page already had the vultures circling in. The likes kept rolling in, the comments kept coming in.

“You having idly Baby?”, asked a besotted and starved fan.

“I’m hungry, I want to eat too”, languished another.

“Sambar, white chutney or green chutney”, inquired the attention-to-detail freak.

All of them were united in one aspect. The girl was popular on account of her unending stream of photographs she bestowed upon them. Only one in a million of them actually featured her face, but the mob is remarkably patient.

They extol her idlis, her footwear, the random sparrow at her window all year long if only to catch that rare glimpse of her face.

Everybody involved here get something out of it. The girl rolls her eyes all day at the impish comments, or lets out a pearly chuckle at the clever lines. The mob meanwhile have their juices flowing, creative and possibly the other kind too.

Her documented life thus brings joy and happiness to mankind. Why do you think I’m on her friend’s list?


Write Club Hyderabad, December 2017 – Documented Lives.

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