Food for Love

Normally used to hearing the chomp-chomp of only the food in my mouth, I was surprised to hear, minutes later, an after-sound. Was it an echo from my mouth?

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A Word of Wisdom

But the solutions were all treacherous to say the least. A few of them seemed to start in the right direction but his lack of problem-solving skills left them veering off course, often causing more problems. The entire sheet was impeccably clean too, he was meticulous in his abject failure.

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Srikar’s Wisdom

When in thought over an LHS=RHS sum, or when terribly angry at a student, she was known to caress the boil atop her head in slow strokes, striking terror in every student’s heart.  

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Our Song

The joy drained off my face. She felt the change instantly and clutched at me again, in an attempt to mollify me. I tried to stay in the moment, in that dark room with the television’s shadows serenading us, afraid to let my thoughts wander.

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Sastry Garu

He could hear all kinds of sounds emanate from the confines of his stomach. Like furniture being moved, like thunder rumbling at a distance.

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