Fall from Grace

As I stood rooted to the spot, pairs in cinematic love flung themselves at me, twirled around me coyly and played hide and seek using me, usually to the beat of some music.

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Journey to the End

Elsewhere, possibly in South India, the piercing scream of  “Last Order” catapulted a bunch of drunks into a passionate calculation. One would think it was the end of the world, the way they sprung into action.

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We all squatted. The game was simple enough. Each one takes a card and rests his back on a rock. The rocks have absolutely no significance in the game. Once the cards have been picked, each of the players must talk with his card.

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As he snuggled up to her, he felt pangs of ecstasy hit him from head to toe. He reached in closer and gave himself up to her. Deliciously enthralling.

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In a short while, he would draw first blood. The siren would tell of his victory. If it rang on even after the battle, the Killer would have lost. His plan was to silence it for the night.

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